Full Circle


One of the very first pieces that I sold was a piece called “Ocean Glass”.  It was the August 2008 Whidbey Island MFA Student Choice Award winner.  (Long name, I know.  That just makes it more awesome.)  Now it’s exactly a year later, and guess what??  I’m now the August 2009 WIMFASCA winner with a piece called “Water Boy”.  Because apparently I have a thing with boys and water.  No surprises there.

I think that I’ve come a long way in a year.  I learned more about markets and submitting.  I wrote, edited, and am shopping around a new novel.  It’s been a productive year, and I really enjoyed it.  Rock on!!

So hooray!  You can read “Water Boy” here.

And I need to check out whether or not contests qualify for HWA.  So…possibly?

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