Robert Duperre Reviews…Moi!

Don't Get Crushed, Stupid

Robert Duperre, author of The Rift, wrote an especially nice review of Michelle Howarth and I.  That’s pretty cool.  I waver between being all blushingly demure and “Yay!” excited.  Stop by his blog A Journal of Always to read it, if you’d like.  It would make all three of us happy. 🙂

Tomorrow I make my official Call to Mystery.  I’m all atwitter, and hope that you guys are willing to participate.  That would so rock!


7 thoughts on “Robert Duperre Reviews…Moi!

  1. Natalie, and then we pounce, right? >:)

    The other Natalie, thanks! I really appreciate you.

    Thanks, Cate. That’s really nice of you to say. (dye your hair red!) >>

    Carrie, and soon we’ll all be reading reviews of your FANTASTIC PUBLISHED BOOK!

    Ray, hopefully one day the entire world will be forced to read a chapter before every meal. When I’m Empress of the Universe, of course. 😉

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