Say “Ah”.

Kicked back, put my feet up on the new desk, and thought, “Ahhhhhhhh.”  Ah, things are going well.  Ah, I’m taking a second to breathe.  Ah, being a writer and watching an idea come to fruition is one of the best things in the world.  You know what I love? I love when somebody gets all up in my grill and says, “Reed wouldn’t do that!” or “Tell Soleil to pull herself together and get a move on!”  The idea that somebody is vested enough to actually get angry over a character…that’s pretty sweet.

Revisions are complete. It’s like swimming under the water for a long period of time and then suddenly coming up for air. I feel rejuvinated and ready to tackle more projects. It’s time to work on my submissions count. Boy howdy, but I miss seeing my name in print. 😉

Happy holidays, everybody.

Pieces out: 13

Goal: 40

12 thoughts on “Say “Ah”.

  1. I miss seeing your name in print too. lol! I’m so excited that your revisions are done. Have I mentioned I love the snow when I come to your blog? It just makes me happy. 🙂

  2. Nisa- I know, right? But tomorrow I get to see real snow! I’ll send pictures from home, and maybe even hit the DK. Why on earth did we call it the DK and not the DC, anyway? Were we being terribly trendy?

    Alan-I assure you that those are pieces sent a long time. They’re in limbo. I think I submitted one thing this month.

    Natalie-Sure, but that includes Twit Fic and shorter things, as well. Your stories tend to be much longer than mine. I’m slightly jealous.

    Aaron-Thanks! You too! I plan to eat treats and go sledding and show my kids how to build a snowman. I was going to ride my dad’s motorcycle, but not in the blizzardy weather that they’re having. Bummer.

    Mary-Ah, what’s a little trash talk between friends? Sometimes arguing just rocks. Sometimes it sucks.

    Simon-Merry Christmas. Let’s all enjoy ourselves, yeah? Then we can hit the ground running in January.

  3. Congrats on completing your revisions. How wonderful it is to take that deep breath when a piece is completed. Relax and enjoy the holidays…and good luck with your submission count when you’re ready to hit the drawing board again.
    Best wishes for the new year!

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