“Be Mysterious: Writers in Masks” Features L. L. Soares

L.L. Soares’s fiction has appeared in such magazines as Cemetery Dance, Horror Garage, Bare Bone and Gothic.net, and anthologies such as THE BEST OF HORRORFIND 2, TRAPS, and RAW: BRUTALITY AS ART. His story “Second Chances” received an Honorable Mention in the sixteenth edition of THE YEAR’S BEST FANTASY & HORROR, edited by Ellen Datlow and Terry Windling. He is an Active member of the Horror Writers Association (HWA) and co-chair of the New England Horror Writers (NEHW).

His first short story collection, IN SICKNESS (featuring stories by himself and his wife, Laura Cooney), is due out from Skullvines Press in 2010. He also writes the humorous horror movie review column Cinema Knife Fight with fellow movie critic Michael Arruda. Check him out online at http://www.llsoares.com, and read the latest movie reviews at the official CKF website: http://www.cinemaknifefight.com

Right now, he’s up in your attic. Waiting.

Come on up.

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10 thoughts on ““Be Mysterious: Writers in Masks” Features L. L. Soares

  1. L.L. Soares congrats on all of your success!

    And thankfully, I don’t have an attic because I think that’s just about one of the creepiest masks I’ve ever seen. But clowns are synonimous with being extra icky eh?

    Great post!

  2. Cinema Knife Fight, btw, is on the Final Ballot for the Stoker. Check it out if you like movies and like to laugh.

    As for L.L., he writes stories that are wrong in all the right places. He’s a real friend, and you know what they say about a real friend:

    “A friend will help you move, but a real friend will help you move a body.”

    That’s L.L. for you.

  3. Thanks for the comments, everyone. And thanks for giving me the spotlight this week, Mercedes. You rock.

    And you know you secretly love clowns…

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