Heather McCorkle and The Wonders of Twitter

So I’m all about social media.  I like it, a LOT.  I love blogs, but it’s more difficult for me to keep up with.  It takes a while to search everybody out, read posts, and comment.  If you really want to stay in touch, I’m on Facebook.  If you really, really want conversations to fly, I’m @mercedesmy on Twitter. 

So I met quite a few fantastic people on Twitter, and Heather McCorkle is one of them.  She’s one of the friendliest writers that I’ve come across, as exhibited by her weekly Twitter Tuesday features. She featured me a short while ago. Why not drop by and say hi? 🙂


5 thoughts on “Heather McCorkle and The Wonders of Twitter

  1. Anthony and Katey: Yeah, people mention Google Reader all of the time, but doesn’t that put it right into your inbox? I go NUTS when my inbox is full. I check it a zillion times a day in order to clean it out. I think I would go mad in three day’s time.

    Hi Heather! I think you’re fantastic. And what do you think of the curtains?

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