Wombats Will Rule The Wooooooorld!

See that pair of man feet in the header?  That’s my friend Mason.  By now, if you read this rather hysterical post that he wrote, you know that he and I entered a flash fiction contest for the Las Vegas Book Festival.  We talked smack, swaggered around, and totally vowed to out-write each other.  So what happens?  We tied for second place, and that just ROCKS. 

Tomorrow Mason, Kurt (the first place winner), and I are reading our winning pieces at the historic Fifth Street school in downtown Las Vegas.  Pretty cool, yeah?  And do you want to know what we’re reading?  Well, you can!  You can see our stories RIGHT HERE.

The theme was “Las Vegas: City of Second Chances” and we had a short time limit in which to write our pieces.  So what do you think came right to my mind?  That’s right: a Stilettos and Shirley Temples episode.  Thanks for the inspiration, Simon!

Have a great day, everybody!  And onward with NaNoWriMo!

7 thoughts on “Wombats Will Rule The Wooooooorld!

  1. I’m faaamooouuuussss!!!

    Okay, I’m semi-famous. Now you’ve outed me as a problem solving hitman, I’ll hopefully be able to increase my income from that line of work. All cash, under the table, baby!


  2. Thank you, Ollin! It was exciting!

    Thanks, Elizabeth! It was a LOT of fun today! The festival was more than I expected, and I dug it 100%. NaNo is kicking my tail at the moment, but this happens every year. Then I rally and make my goal. Booya!

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