I Join the Club of Kick A** Women

Imagine my surprise and delight when John Skipp sends me an email saying that I’m one of the ladies name checked in his Bizarro post . He writes about working with awesome women, and I’m humbled to be among them.  Check it out!  http://bizarrocentral.com/2011/07/13/on-working-with-excellent-women-cuz-why-the-hell-wouldnt-you/

4 thoughts on “I Join the Club of Kick A** Women

  1. We discussed this at Necon.

    He also likes that we publish women in Shock Totem. It had never crossed my mind that this was out of the norm, but it’s nice that someone noticed and that we’re not sweaty adolescent boys with locker room jockstrap mentalities. Haha.

  2. And this is awesome! You deserve it and are perfect. You’re an inspiration to writing mothers everywhere, dearest.

    Love you lots.

  3. I’d say something along the lines of, “You can kick my ass anytime, m’dear,” but I wouldn’t mean it. Anyway, we already saw how that worked out last time you tried.

    Still, you rock. 😀

    (Also, why is Harley May commenting anonymously? Is she secretly stalking you now? I like this idea….)

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