I Interview Paul Park for the SFWA Blog.

Paul Park’s Nebula nominated novella Ghosts Doing the Orange Dance completely broke my head.  It was an intricate, surreal story with multiple layers and just very, very cool.  He was gracious enough to let me interview him, and it just went up on the SFWA blog. Come read it at http://www.sfwa.org/2011/09/nebula-awards-2010-interview-paul-park/


5 thoughts on “I Interview Paul Park for the SFWA Blog.

  1. His use of Paul Park as a character can be successful, even an advantage, especially given his penchant for blurring the lines between fact and fantasy. I’m reminded of Charles Bukowski, Dan Fante, and some of the novels of Roberto Bolano. I’m sure there are many others, but those are the ones that come to mind.

    Of course, none of these writers are popular in the United States, really. Mostly in European countries. Tell him to get published over there. He might meet with more success. 😉

    Because of your interview with him, I may have to pick up a book or two of his.

  2. Really nice interview Mercedes. You bring so much out of the writer that it is like you are creating a montage. Your work is excellent. I love reading your interviews. Now I have another story that I must find to read. Thank you again for your amazing interview. You are an awesome writer.

    Deep Peace,


  3. Ha, Shadows, trust you to come up with fantastic authors that I want to search out. But Paul Park doesn’t need any more success! He’s PAUL PARK!

    Thank you, Ardee-ann! For once being voraciously interested in people is coming in handy. 😉

  4. Of course. This is what you keep me around for, right? I’m almost encyclopedic (or delightfully eccentric–whichever you prefer). I emailed you another author: Haruki Murakami. So, you now have a list and if you ever want it lengthened… I’m always around. ha.

    I forgot that my account on here is Writing Shadows, though. Maybe I should live up to that moniker, hm?

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