A Sneak Peek At The Terror of Miskatonic Falls

I’m going to be in a wonderful poetry anthology titled The Terror of Miskatonic Falls. It’s going to be a very beautiful, very creepy anthology, about an isolated town that gets a visit from something. 

I wrote three interlocking poems, and imagine my delight when Kevin Lucia posted an update on this anthology (last February, no less.  I’m a little slow on the draw) and he featured two of my poems! If you read them, notice that the first poem is titled “Tyson Sparrows”. That name should ring a bell with the second poem, a nursery rhyme for murdered children.  The third poem is my favorite, but we won’t get to see it until the book comes out.  Aw, nuts.

The pictures are lovely and chilling. Somebody taking the time and effort to illustrate our work  is one of the most humbling things I can think of.  I can’t wait to see the finished project.

Tyson Sparrows

creepy nursery rhyme

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