Teach Your Children by Scaring Them: A Podcast


Ahhhhh! My daughter drew a scary clown in high heels!


Hi friends! I mentioned earlier that I was lucky enough to record a podcast with The Think Tank Podcast group. I had a soft, cushy chair while everybody else was sprawled across the hotel room like sleepy cats. (It *was* 7:00 AM Vegas time on a Saturday morning. Let’s be honest.) 

We discuss Women in Horror month, breaking stereotypes, Michaelbrent Colling’s book Apparition, and why I think it’s a fabulous idea to scare your children. Why not take half an hour and listen to our podcast?

4 thoughts on “Teach Your Children by Scaring Them: A Podcast

  1. Digging this podcast. Gotta check out Apparition.Digging the discussion about the darkness in kid’s fare of our generation.I thinks flicks like “Black Cauldron” and other’s you talked about had a good balance. There is darkness in the world, and I think kids need to come to grips with that, but you don;t want super graphic, borderline pornographically violent images stuck in your kid’s minds either.

  2. I discovered you through the Author’s Think Tank podcast and I’m already a fan (before even reading anything you’ve written) based solely on your attitude toward horror. I adore “creepy-pretty” and I love seeing fellow women in horror. 🙂

  3. Donald, exactly. I don’t want to absolutely terrify my kiddos, but I don’t think the absolute sanitizing helps them, either. That’s why I suggest books. It can be as scary, and only as scary, as the kid’s mind let them. 🙂

    Lee! Hi! That drawing is horrifying! Oh my gosh, haha! 😀

    Suzy. thank you! I love creepy-pretty. I think we’ll be wonderful friends!

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