I’m the Featured Author in Lamplight!

10841826_715393915213406_3280808783954883009_oI’m so thrilled!

The December issue is now out in print. It contains an interview with me, my short story “A Love Not Meant to Outlast the Butterflies,” and fine work by Kelli Owens, Tom Brennan, Salena Casha, Rati Mehrotra, and J. J. Green.

The Kindle version is free with purchase of the print version, as well. You can find them both here.

I’m so proud of “Butterflies!” I originally had the idea for it while in New Orleans. It full of magical realism, romance, betrayal, and sorrow. I do hope you’ll read it!

2 thoughts on “I’m the Featured Author in Lamplight!

  1. I will buy this sometime next week when I get paid. I seem to remember you seeing a Monarch butterfly and chasing it for a moment when you were in NOLA so I am not surprised you had an idea for a story by that title while in the Crescent City. Congrats on being included in Lamplight. Cheers, Ardee-ann

  2. Ardee! You’re absolutely correct! I had forgotten about that, but you’re right. I followed the butterfly and it led me all the way to the waterfront. Thank you for reminding me of an experience that was so precious at the time. 🙂

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