Join Me on Zombiepalooza Tonight!


Jackie Chin is doing a wonderful show tonight dedicated exclusively to women in horror. And that’s pretty awesome.  She’ll be hosting Sephera Giron, Lisa Lane, Suzie M, Chantal Noordeloos, and myself. We will each have 45 minutes to talk with Jackie and discuss our work, what it’s like writing in the genre, and, in my case, a few choice words about #HagGate.

Don’t worry. It will be a respectful talk and no names will be named. I would also like to discuss the fallout and mob mentality that ensued. I didn’t name names for a reason. Anyway, it’s an important subject and I’m excited to discuss it.

Here’s the show’s lineup. Times are all Eastern.

8:00 Sephera Giron

9:00  Lisa Lane

10:00 Mercedes M. Yardley

11:00 Suzi M.

Midnight: Chantal Noordeloos

That’s right! I’m going live in an hour. If you’d like to tune in, you can do so here. I hope you enjoy!

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