Issue 42 of Sanitarium is Out!


Sanitarium Magazine is a very cool mag that caters to the dark and macabre. I’m delighted to be featured in issue 42 alongside Joe Konrath. I really enjoy his work and I have to admit that I cheered when I discovered that my interview was side-by-side with his. I turned to my husband and said, “I think I’m a real writer!”

Issue 42 contains

  • Nomi by Brooke Warra
  • Caretakers by Andrew Jurisic
  • Picture This by Ian Mullins
  • Soft Cell by Sean Spagnoli
  • The Monster Maker by Adam Gaylord
  • Devil Bird by Stephen Faulkner
  • Her Presence Covered in Mist by Elmedina Hota
  • A Fall Poem by James Michael Shoberg

On the record with:

  • Joe Konrath
  • Mercedes M. Yardley

Come check out the Sanitarium site to see where you can pick up your copy! Yay!

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