Darling, Mediocre Holiday Cookies. (And the best chocolate chip cookie recipe in the world.)

Hooray! I baked some darling, flavorless cookies that were horribly disappointing. But look, I put them in a little jar, so now they’re charming. And look! A Christmas village! Don’t you want them now?

No. No, you don’t. But they are cute.


I’d give you the recipe but it’s a waste of flour. But hey! Sprinkles!


If you want the best cookie recipe in the world, go to Williams-Sonoma and try these. Only instead of straight semi-sweet chocolate chips, do 1/3 cup semi-sweet, 1/3 cup milk chocolate, and 1/3 white chocolate. You’ll thank me. They’re crack cookies.

Meanwhile, these are cute!



3 thoughts on “Darling, Mediocre Holiday Cookies. (And the best chocolate chip cookie recipe in the world.)

  1. Drat! I subscribed to that same blog too, and they did look good. Sorry they were disappointing, but thanks for saving me the time. I have the most awesome recipe for whipped shortbread, if you like. Looks similar, but tastes much better.

    • Yes, please! I would love that recipe!

      These were supposed to be rolled and twisted until they basically looked like unicorn poo, but I couldn’t stand the idea of eating poop-shaped cookies. I wonder if being shaped like that changed the way they baked, a bit. Because they looked delicious.

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