Pimp A Friend Friday: Lillian Rose and Meriweather Asterios

You guys! YOU GUYS. Lillian Rose Asterios and her husband Merris do some of the most gorgeous artistic work that you’re going to find. I can’t tell you how breathless I am to see what they create and sell. Things like this:

Image may contain: shoes and outdoorDo you see those stunning earrings? They’re made from ethically collected butterflies who have already passed. I swoon. I mean, seriously. In fact, I just placed an order for a pair.

She also created this gorgeous coloriong book, available on Amazon.

Merris painted these:

Image may contain: 1 person

And this!

No automatic alt text available.

Please take a minute to scour their Facebook pages and see what you’d like to purchase. Their work is wonderful! You can find Lillian’s work on her page, as well as Meriweather’s work on his.

I hope you find something that fills your soul while supporting artists. ❤



One thought on “Pimp A Friend Friday: Lillian Rose and Meriweather Asterios

  1. Hi there Miss Murder. 🙂 It’s Bordo. Hey, are you still using the Yahoo email? it’s the last one I have for you.

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