Gamut Closes Its Doors


This is an announcement I hoped we’d never have to make, but unfortunately it is true. Gamut Magazine is being forced to close. While the initial Kickstarter was successful, the money raised was only enough to last for a year. We wanted to pay not only fairly, but generously, for our fiction and art. We were counting on renewing subscriptions and the success of Gamut’s many side ventures (editing services, online classes, etc) to keep the magazine afloat. We scrambled, worked our fingers to the bone, and even hoped for some mystical Hail Mary, but it wasn’t to be.

I’m forever grateful to be involved with this project. The quality and care put into it has been stellar. The work we published has literally brought tears to my eyes because of the depth and beauty it contained. More than that, I have met wonderful people who fill in the missing pieces of my soul. I’m privileged to know them and eternally proud of the quality of people and pieces we have published.

I wish success and joy to all of you. ❤

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