In Which Ken Covers For Me

Hi again! Finally busted out of the hospital after a week.  Chances are very good that I’ll go right back in, but in the meantime I’m enjoying being at home and not having an IV stuck in my arm. Good spirits, everybody!

Ken, the editor at Shock Totem, called me yesterday.  After promptly hanging up on him (he sounded like a freakin’ weirdo) and after he fired me via text message, we got together and talked. He graciously updated everybody on what’s going on because I don’t have much energy at the moment.  You can see that here.  Also, he directs you to the interview with Jamal W. Hankins.  Who, besides being intelligent and likable, is some eye candy. Especially when he offers up his man card. Better read it and see what I’m talking about.

Thanks for the good wishes, everybody! I appreciate you!


The Time Has Come, The Walrus Said…


So it’s official. I’m on bedrest.  My doctor called me out in a spectacular way, saying that if I didn’t slow down I’d spend the rest of my pregnancy in the ER.  Ever the “Don’t tell me what to do” type, I eyed him.

“Slow down how much?” I asked.

“Full stop.”

“Impossible.  How about if I lay down for two more hours a day?”

“This isn’t a negotiation, Mercedes.”

Then we negotiated.  It was awesome.  End result is basically that I’m screwed and can’t do hardly anything.  Zero stress.  Six contractions in an hour and I’m in the ER.  Which means that I’m in bed all. of. the. frickin’. time.  I realize that I have the most boring ceiling in the universe.  We’re sticking plastic stars on it this weekend.

I checked my Writing To-Do List and realized there were 15 projects lined up on it.  Some are fairly small (flash fic contests, for example) and some (revise Demon novel by the end of the month, completely write, revise, and polish second novel by October) are gigantic.  At a time when my stress is naturally sky-high, I’m doing everything I can do reduce it.  I’m going to let some of the smaller projects go.   And my blog posts will drop from three times a week to once a week.

“Yay!  Hooray!” you shriek. “Less posts to read in my reader!”

I know, I know, dear friend. Change is difficult.  But this is really for the best–

“My networking load has drastically diminished!” you say, dancing wildly.

–and it isn’t like I’ll be gone forever. Or even much. Besides, I’m all over Facebook and Twitter, and I doubt that will change because, let’s face it, I need the social aspect or I’ll go insane–

“I AM SO HAPPY!” you wail.

–and I’ve been a lousy blogging friend, anyway.  I hardly ever comment.  I just lurk.  Really, I’ve become downright creepy. I hope that you understand.

So! Anybody interested in sending in your Writers in Masks pictures, I’d love to collect them! I just won’t be running them until later in the year. The babelets are due this summer, so we’ll see what happens then.  Anyway, enjoy! Run free, my loves. 🙂