Michaelbrent Collings’ Ultimate Horror List

I adore Michaelbrent and his works. He’s a pretty phenomenal guy and he just put together the coolest list of favorite horror books and movies as suggested by his friends! AND I AM ONE OF THEM. Click here to check out the ultimate horror rec list, just in time for Halloween!  What books or movies would you suggest?


Also, check out Michaelbrent’s work. I adored Apparition, which was genuinely creepy. For a good time, read his The Longest Con, which has several authors (including yours truly!) as main characters. It’s truly a hoot. Also, his book Predators was so enjoyable that I recommended it be put on the 2018 Bram Stoker reading list. Between his books and the ultimate horror rec list, you’ll be set for a long time to come. 🙂

Hey! I’m in the Las Vegas Seven!


I never thought I’d see my name on the cover of a Vegas magazine, but this dream has come true. And it is AWESOME. Las Vegas Seven has included me on its list of Intriguing People of 2017, and that’s just cool.

If you’re in Vegas, you can find free copies of the Las Vegas Seven pretty much anywhere. It’s in grocery stores, hotels, etc. If you’d rather read the online version, you can do so here.  If you want to shoot directly to my interview, that’s here.

The Horror Writer’s Podcast Interview!


This was an insanely fun interview with Zach Bohannon and J.Thorn from The Horror Writer’s Podcast.  I hit it off with them immediately, and it felt like getting into a good-natured scrap with your family at the reunion. Zach is the kind of guy who would sit down next to you at the picnic table and steal the cob of corn from your plate while J watches and tries not to laugh. It was really, really fun. Please take a listen! and go ahead and subscribe to their Youtube channel.

I really enjoy interviews. It gives me a chance to meet new people and play off what they have to say. It’s really some of the most fun I have while writing. I hope you enjoy!




Gamut Is Doing A Huge Giveaway!


Huge Gamut Giveaway! Grand Prize Winner will get $210 worth of Gamut goodies (in time for Xmas)! An amazing Creepy Doll, four books (The New Black, Exigencies, Scratch by Steve Himmer, Paper Tigers by Damien Angelica Walters), a set of Gamut postcards (25 total), pens, a Gamut mug, and an annual membership! 2nd gets a $30 Amazon Gift Card and a membership. 3rd gets a subscription! http://gvwy.io/39j7wy1 Please share!

This runs for FOUR MORE DAYS. Good luck!

This is Exactly Why We Need “Women In Horror Month,” You Jerk.

Well. I’m mad.

I’m not trying to be inciting or hysterical. But I am angry.

A “fellow” horror writer lambasted a dear friend and amazing woman for doing book signings while in costume and…I’m not quite sure what else. Being a woman? He said women were especially bad at trying to grab attention (“claiming” we’re horror writers when we aren’t) and most of us are hags anyway.

That’s right. Most of us are hags.


I’m sorry, but how did appearance even manage to worm its way into this conversation? This author has one book out and a second releasing soon. Yet he has the authority to decide who is really a horror writer and who isn’t? And bringing physical appearance into it is exceptionally personal. He doesn’t like the way most of us look? Next time I’ll be careful to wear a helmet while signing so I don’t offend readers. I thought writing was about the *writing* but apparently I was wrong! Silly woman, “claiming” to write horror! Thank goodness this random dude was there to set the #LadyHags in our place.


The Helmet of Haggishness will hide my face nicely at signings. Oh, and look! An Anti-Hag Cooties visor, as well!

Hags? All right. I’ll hop on that broomstick and ride it.

I’m not naming names for a few reasons. The first reason is grace. Perhaps the ranting author had a really bad day. Perhaps he wrote something without thinking and didn’t realize how hurtful and misogynistic he was being. Perhaps these aren’t really his true thoughts. I wouldn’t want to cause this individual pain, even though he so clearly caused it in others.

The other reason that I don’t want to share his name is because he doesn’t deserve the attention.

The third is because the woman he attacked (before his vitriol spilled over to the rest of womankind) has the right to share his identity, not me. If you’d like to talk to her about it, feel free. Besides being a fun, compassionate writer and person, she is also a mother dealing with a sick child. Her son has cancer. That’s right: cancer. And some random whackadouche decided that she wasn’t up to his standards.

You see why I’m so furious right now. My hands are shaking.

Meme Created by Sister Hag Tonia Brown

This isn’t a one-time thing. It’s a constant thing. February is Women in Horror month precisely because of things like this. Women are often shunted to the back or otherwise demeaned in this genre. Definitely not by everybody. If we’re hags, then we have a strong troop of hag supporters. Team #LadyHags. There are men inside this genre and out who link arms and stand with us. Which is how it’s supposed to be, by the way. Who has time for pettiness and division, really? Don’t you have lives you’re trying to lead? Children you’re trying to feed and keep alive? Don’t you have loved ones worth fighting for? Why spend your time attacking women that are of no concern to you?

You don’t have the right.

We are here. We are beautiful. We are strong. We’re going to write what we want and how we want. If we want to do readings in libraries, good. If we want to do booksignings on a lawn, more power to us. Our path to success doesn’t concern you. It doesn’t impede yours. You don’t like what we write, where we hold signings, or what we’re wearing?

Nobody asked you. And more importantly?

You don’t get to tell us what to do.

If you’re going to judge us as writers, then judge us on merit. Like us for who we are or what we bring to the table. But don’t turn us away because of something stupid like, oh, having female anatomy. Besides, women are wired for horror. Believe it.


As for the rest of us, Happy Women in Horror Month. Support your favorite lady hags and pick up a book. If you already have a copy, gift it to somebody. Let our haggishness shine! ‪#‎LoveYourHag‬ ‪#‎ladyhags‬

Dark Side of the Sun Ebook Event. 16 books for $16!

Dark Side of the Sun

You guys, this is exciting! Author Bryan Cohen put together a fantastic event featuring sixteen authors with sixteen books, each dropped to 99 cents. My debut novel, NAMELESS: The Darkness Comes, will be included in this.


That’s right. You can pick up SIXTEEN dark fantasy/horror/contemporary fantasy ebooks for SIXTEEN BUCKS. Hello, birthdays and Christmas! Yay!

This is an all-day event, and there will be several giveaways going on. In fact, I’ll be there from 12:00 -3:00 PM Eastern to answer questions, give away my own prizes, (books, handmade items, and a query critique), and just banter, so please stop by! There’s something for everybody, please show up for this online event! It’s here.



Here are the books for the “Dark Side of the Sun” event! On June 27, 2014.

The above book covers are all clickable links. Click on each one of the books above to open the Amazon page in another window. You can also click the links or covers below to buy the books on Amazon. See all the descriptions below.

Grace Lost by M. Lauryl Lewis
Blade Song by J.C. Daniels
Canes of Divergence by Breeana Puttroff
A Gift of Thought by Sarah Wynde
Rock n’ Roll Heaven by Shawn Inmon
Plague of Angels by John Patrick Kennedy
Nameless by Mercedes Yardley
Dark Bayou by Nancy Duplechain
Celestra Series, Books 1-3 by Addison Moore
The Complete Portal Arcane Trilogy by J. Thorn
Hidden by Megg Jensen
Netherworld by K.N. Lee
What Hides Within by Jason Parent
Cattle by Joseph Duncan
Dying for a Living by Kory Shrum
Plague of Coins by Aiden James
Crimson Night by Marie Hall

I hope you can make it, my friends! This will be a great Friday event! 😀

The Dreamkeeper by Mikey Brooks

Mikey Brooks

My friend Mikey Brooks just came out with a brand new middle grade novel! I can’t wait to read it. It sounds fantastic. What’s even better? He took a second to write a little bit about scaring kids. Bwa ha ha!

The Dreamkeeper

Scaring Kids

By: Mikey Brooks


One of the most thrilling things that came from writing THE DREAM KEEPER was being able to delve into the nightmares of children. It was fun to explorer the realms that scare kids. One thing that I’ve been asked is how do you know when the ‘scary stuff’ is too much?

I believe kids can handle a lot more than we give them credit for. Look at the Harry Potter books; there is some scary stuff in there that kids didn’t pick up on because they think differently than adults. They don’t worry, like a parent, about losing a child to a dark wizard. Adults fear tangle things that may or may not happen, like death, an attacker, a break in, a terrorist act, and natural disasters. All these things have happened and we as adults fear they could happen to us. That is what is scary for adults. Sure kids have similar fears too, but it is the unknown that is scary for kids. Not knowing is worse than knowing. They fear the dark untangled things.

When I write to scare kids I try to emphasize the dark hidden things. I try to look at what kids are afraid of and set that as my goal. While I was writing THE DREAM KEEPER I did a lot of research into what kids are afraid of. What I found interesting is the number one thing kids are afraid of is the dark. Kids are afraid of the unknown. They fear what might be there hiding. I built off that fear in creating the nightmares for my book. I did find myself pulling back on some of the scenes in the book, but only when I found myself questioning if that was just too freaky or not. Mostly I ignored it, knowing I’m a wimp compared to most kids.

I am excited to announce the release of my middle-grade fantasy THE DREAM KEEPER. It is an action-packed adventure with a toe in both the real world and the fantastic. When an evil shifter takes over the gateway to the realm of Dreams, it falls to 14-year-olds Parker and Kaelyn to stop him. Their only hope lies with Gladamyr, the Dream Keeper, but can they trust a Nightmare to save their world?

“Dreams: Dorothy called it Oz, Alice called it Wonderland, but Nightmares call it HOME.”

When an evil shifter takes over the gateway to the realm of Dreams, it falls to 14-year-olds Parker and Kaelyn to stop him. Their only hope lies with Gladamyr, the Dream Keeper, but can they trust a Nightmare to save their world?


Here’s a short excerpt.

Parker was about to assassinate the general of the goblin army. It wasn’t murder, it was an assignment. He tried to justify what he was about to do as he jumped from the rooftop and landed just above the battlement wall. It was the perfect spot to scout the camp. The goblins filling the keep were everywhere, sharpening blades and axes or gathering weapons for the impending battle. Parker noticed a large troll in the right hand corner of the space below, hammering solidly on a sword large enough to split three men into six. He spotted his target.

The general of the goblin army was a large brute with golden braids hanging down his chest. He was the one who had ordered the burning of Parker’s home village. The one who had ordered the death of Parker’s family and friends. This monster, this villain, was the reason Parker had set out on his journey to seek vengeance upon the unjust. This was the creature responsible for Parker swearing allegiance to the Mightercore army, who quickly gave him the role of assassin-scout.

Parker maneuvered his way down the wall, careful not to move too fast or his invisibility cloak would lose its power. He placed his foot in one crevice, then his hand in another. After a few moments of skilled climbing, Parker found himself precariously positioned just behind the golden haired brute, leaving only a small distance between him and his foe. In a quick session tactic, Parker could ignite his blade with the magic of the Mightercore and his target would be no more. He positioned himself to strike, raising his sword and whispering the incantation that would release the blade’s power—.


He ignored whoever was calling his name; they did not matter. All he saw was the villain before him. The completed spell ignited Parker’s sword with a blazing haze of blue fire, and he had to act fast.


The loud call startled him and he swung too late. The goblin general had already turned and he struck, forcing Parker back against the rocky battlements. Parker parried the attack and thrust forward with a low slash. The general sidestepped and lunged forward again. Parker parried and rolled away from the wall. A lightning spell was the only magic he had left. If he could find enough time to call out the incantation, he could have the general radiating electrons from every appendage.

He rolled until he was a good ten feet from his opponent, then quickly stood. Lifting his hand into the air, he called down the lightning. The sky filled with a brilliant white light, and the crack of thunder reverberated off the walls. Parker briefly closed his eyes then opened them, praying he had hit his target. As the white dust began to clear, he made out an image before him. He peered at it, his heart thumping.

The screen went black.

“Parker, I’ve called you three times. Now get off that machine and go do your homework.”




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