No Bongos Here, Baby!

At least, not yet.  Some of you will remember that super cutie Robert J. Duperre called me up one day and said, “I challenge you!” If you don’t remember, check his wild-n-crazy challenge out here.  The deadline was April 1st.  And?  Well?  Where are the bongos?  The bad dancing? The crystals pasted to my forehead, or even better, his?

Sometimes life gets in the way, and something has to give.  You know what never gives?  Family. You know what sometimes has to be shelved? Writing, just for a little bit.  Robby was horribly ill, and we were dealing with pnemonia and fevers of 105 at my house.  While growing my children’s spines, might I add.  I asked Robby D if we could push the deadline back.  He graciously agreed.  Kudos to a man who doesn’t win just for the sake of winning.  This boy likes the fight.

He’s added more onto his plate in order to complete his goal. So have I.  I already finished the contests and am working on the essay. Now I’d like to, ideally, have the whole thing revised by the end of the month.  This while starting another project.  Think I can do it?  Gosh, I hope so. I’m realizing that I need to wipe everything out as much as I can before the babelets arrive.  There won’t be a whole heck of a lot of sleep then.  😛

Want to see what Robby D. has to say on the matter?  He blogs about it here.  Also, his second book in The Rift series is out!  Pick up your copy of Dead of Winter! I can’t wait to tear into mine. 🙂

The Gauntlet, My Dears, Was Thrown. (Wild Laughter)

I received the best phone call yesterday from my friend Robert Duperre. Robby D. started the phone call with wild laughter and the words, “I challenge you!” This, naturally, caught my attention.

Robby D. proposes this: we’ll both finish our novels by April 1st. He has 75,000 words to rewrite and about 25,000 new words to write. I have about 45,000 words to rewrite and 35,000 new words to write, not to mention two short stories and an essay to submit in the next four weeks. This makes us fair, methinks.

Oh, but it gets better. “There has to be a price!” Robby D. hissed. “There has to be a consequence!” He came prepared with one. And it’s terrible. I refuse to lose simply because there ain’t no way I’m doing this!

The loser has to sing two minutes of what could possibly be the worst song ever, Britney Spears’ “Womanizer” while accompanied by our significant other on bongos. This will be recorded and ran on the winner’s blog.

“What if we both complete it?” I say. Because I’m no quitter, and neither is Robby D. In fact, if there’s a person alive who can possibly out-write me, it’s him.

“Then we both have to do it.”

So there you go. April 1st. And when I win, I hope that Robby D. glues sparkles to his body a la Britney as he performs. That would be awesome.