Pretty Little Dead Girls Places in the Preditors and Editors Poll!


This is exciting news for me!

Pretty Little Dead Girls tied with Chantal Noordeloos’ book Angel Manor in the Preditors and Editor’s Readers Poll for Best Horror Novel of 2014.

That’s pretty sweet. And I get this little badge, which I can now flash around with pride.


Thank you so much for taking the time and effort to vote. It really does mean a lot when somebody chooses to invest their time in a writer. I can’t tell you how much I appreciate it.

Have a wonderful day, you. 🙂

Vote For Pretty Little Dead Girls!

I promise that as class president, there will be a chicken in every pot and a TV in every home room.


My friends! Pretty Little Dead Girls is in the running for the Preditors and Editors Annual Reader’s Awards for Best Horror Novel of 2014. I can’t tell you how exciting it is to be nominated! It really, really pleases me.

But I just found out that PLDG was in the running twenty minutes ago, and votes have been going since Christmas Eve. The polls close in two days, so if you liked this novel and you’d be happy to vote for it, please do so today or tomorrow! Any little bit of attention brought to an indie writer’s work is infinitely valuable.

If you’d like to vote, the page to do so is right here.

You don’t need to be a member but they do ask for your name and email to verify your votes and keep things honest.

Thank you so much. 🙂

Miss Murder’s Easy DIY: Glitter Your Walls


Shiny glittery sparkles!

It’s been work work work all of the time lately, and not nearly enough whimsy. Time to change all of that! Hey, Angry Ginger, what are you doing on Monday? Glittering my bedroom wall with me? Awesome!

I’ve been hearing wonderful things about a glitter paint from Martha Stewart, but I was attracted to the DIY aspect of white glue and store-bought glitter. There was something about it that just screamed, “Simple!” and “Amateur!” and “I’m waaaaay more fun!” So that’s what we did.

The recipe is one cup of glitter per gallon of glue. But who really follows a recipe? We poured an entire container of glitter in half a gallon of glue. We want this baby to shine!

Plus, my two-year-old was laughing so hard at the falling glitter that it was difficult to stop.

Stir the glue and glitter very well. Otherwise the glitter will sink to the bottom and won’t distribute easily.


Next, put your hair in braids, don an ironic tee, and spread everything out in your paint pan. Use a roller to apply the glue. Try to use something more stable than my Step Ladder of Death. Also, the tutorials I read said to avoid going over the same area several times. So this was really a quick, easy, and dirty job. Just how I like it.

ImageFinish up your wall. There will be that heart-stopping “Oh my goodness, what have I done?!” moment that will hit you when you see everything, but the glue will dry clear, for the most part. I also doubt most of you have dark navy walls like we do.


In our case, with the extra white glitter and dark walls, there was some white here and there. Not from the glue, but the glitter. I love the effect, though, because it looks like a cosmos. I think it’s beautiful! And it catches the light best in the morning, when I’m groggy and need a little bit of magic.


If you choose to do your walls, please let me know! I’d love to see pictures.

Also, don’t forget to enter the Goodreads contest to win your own copy of my debut novel Nameless: The Darkness Comes. There will be two winners!

Have a wonderful, whimsical day, everyone.

Read A NAMELESS Sample Chapter! And Win A Copy of the Book!

Nameless is slated to come out next week. I’m all giddy. I’m heading out on a Nameless: The Darkness Comes blog tour, and I can’t wait for it! Meanwhile, life goes on. My Angry Ginger and I glittered my bedroom wall on Monday. (Pics to come.) We’re still reading every night with our six year old. Last night I made white chocolate chip Crack Cookies. It’s been a real joy.


Anyway! The first stop on the blog tour is at Todd Keisling’s “Life in Monochrome” blog. Thanks for hosting me, Todd! Sorry I threw you under the bus so many times two interviews ago. 😛

We’re starting the tour out with a bang. Not only can you read a sample chapter of Nameless, but you can enter to win your very own copy of the book. All you need to do is leave a comment on Todd’s blog. That’s it!  You can check all of that out here.

Best of luck to you, my friends! Let’s begin this wild ride. I’m so grateful you’re doing it with me.




A Wicked Awesome Shock Totem Contest

Hey, everybody!  Shock Totem is up to some incredible things.  I mean, some really, really cool stuff.  I was so excited about Ken’s awesome cypher that I’m just going to post this in its entirety.  Give your brain a little exercise and join the contest! It’s all going on at  Ken will take it from here.

As some of you know, issue #5 has been delayeduntil July 2012. However, in March 2012 we will be publishing our first novel. In celebration of that, I thought we’d hold a contest.
The first person to figure out the cypher at the bottom of that picture will win the following:

  1. One copy of our upcoming novel (title to be revealed once the contest is won), signed by the author.
  2. One copy each of the first four Shock Totem issues.
  3. One copy of Werewolves and Shapeshifters: Encounters with the Beasts Within, a massive tome edited by John Skipp and featuring our very own Mercedes M. Yardley, among other greats.
  4. A one-year (12 issues) digital subscription to one of my favorite publications, Apex Magazine.
  5. And because I have an extra, one old-ass (but in very good condition) copy of The Magazine of Fantasy of Science Fiction, from July 1970, which features the only appearance of Dean Koontz’s “The Mysteries of His Flesh,” the short story that would later be expanded to become his sixth novel, Anti-Man*.* Trivia: Dean’s preferred—and better—title was the same as the short story, “The Mysteries of His Flesh,” but the publisher thought it sounded “too gay.”

Obviously this contest is a bit tougher than most, but I want you to work for those prizes. That said, it’s not as hard as it looks. All the clues you need to lead you to the answer are in this post.

Post your answers in the comments below. First person to post the correct answer wins!

(Some of you are ineligible to win, as you know the answer. We know who you are!)

Amendment: If you guess right, I will ask how you got to that answer. A wild guess that happens to be correct will not count. If you have truly figured it out, you will have no doubt that your answer is correct.

K-K-K-Killercon 2011 Prologue

Well. WELL.  You know how things go crazy sometimes?  You’re stumbling up a hill and every obstacle imaginable seems to be in your way? You almost give up, but since you’re a rather determined person, you grit your teeth and clamber up that hillside on hands and knees if necessary.  You get to the top, see the view, and think, “This was worth every second of the climb.”  You realize that the obstacles are meant to weed people out and you refused to be tossed aside.  Hello, triumph.  Hello, sweet reward.

Getting to Killercon was exceptionally hard this year.  Suddenly we didn’t have anybody to watch the kids during the day.  Suddenly I’m an emotional wreck over losing my daughter and I’m near tears all of the time.  Suddenly I’m extremely self-conscious that I no longer have a waist, and even though it’s due to, oh, I don’t know, TRIPLETS, I’m feeling embarrassed about it.  But I went.  I was richly, richly rewarded.

Not only did I join up with old friends, but I met dear new ones.  I participated in (and won!) the creative writing contest. I was able to work the pitch sessions from the inside and picked up a few tidbits of advice along the way.  (Keep an eye out for that post! It’ll be very helpful, I think.) And I met a wonderful teacher who took the time to treat me like an equal, saying something to me that not only stopped me in my tracks, but might have genuinely changed my life.  More on that later.  But for now, know that I am happy, and the creativity in me is pouring out through my fingertips.  If you can come to Killercon in Vegas next year, I would recommend it.

AAAAAEEEEEEEIIIiiiiiiii! (And A Giveaway)

My friends! I have wonderful writerly news, and I am going to scream it from the top of the bloggy mountaintops!


Yes, it’s true! I have just signed with the very cool Jason Yarn from Paradigm.  The world is full of roses and butterflies and stardust.  I feel that this will be a fantastic partnership, huzzah huzzah!  So I’m excited.  And when I’m excited, I want to celebrate.  And how do I want to celebrate? By having my first giveaway ever!

To enter, just leave a comment with an email so I can contact you. For extra points (but not extra entries) say something witty with the words “exquisite” “He-Man” or “narwhal” included.  Because I dearly love exquisite battles between He-Man and narwhals, or whatever wonderful thing you come up with.  Or just make me laugh.  There is nothing better than laughing.

“Ah, but my dearest Mercedes!” you are saying.  (And I know that is what you are saying.)  “What I really want to know is: what will I win? One cannot enter a giveaway without something being, well, given away!  Whatever shall it be?”

To which I answer, “That is for me to know and you to find out.” 

“Srsly?” you question.


“For realz?”

For realz.

“Wn dd I strt spekng n txt spk?”

I dunno, but stop it.

One week from today I will use to choose a comment at, you guessed it, random.  The winner will receive ONE book from my personal stash (and believe me, it’s an eclectic collection), THE BEST COOKIE RECIPE IN THE WORLD, and something crafty that I have made.  What will that be, you wonder?  Well, me too.  I won’t know until I make it especially for you. 

So yay!  Hooray!  I’m wonderfully excited about working with Jason and won’t you celebrate with me?  😀