June’s Finish It UP Project: Cabinet Knobs

It’s a small touch but I’ve wanted them forever. After painting my cabinets white, I was looking for turquoise, shiny knobs to add a little pizazz to the place. Cue my father, who came and put them in for me. Thanks, Dad!



So perhaps they’re a bit loud, but we prefer the term “whimsical.” They sparkle in the sunlight, and the children think they’re the prettiest things they’ve ever seen.  I can’t disagree.


So here’s to whimsy, and a touch of joy. More than that, here’s to finishing up a project that has been on my list for months! These knobs were just hanging out in the garage, and now we can enjoy them every day. What did you accomplish this month?

FullSizeRender (1).jpg


Join Me and Finish It UP!

A quick look around the house showed me how many incomplete projects were lying around. I had started them with a vengeance! I was on fire! Unstoppable! And then somewhere along the way, I became…much more stoppable.

So. Unfinished projects. Let’s knock them out.


I’m starting the Finish It UP (Unfinished Project) campaign in order to get myself back on track and clean some of these projects off my plate. Won’t you join me? Simply choose one project a month and complete it. It can be anything that you started and walked away from. You can choose in advance what project you’ll finish up, or you can pick something at random at the beginning of each month. I’m going to focus on it for six months, and if things go well, hopefully I’ll keep it going longer.

Please join me! What do you need to finish up? Is it a writing project, art, quilting, sewing, music, or something else? I need to finish up some quilts I started, a turquoise necklace that broke midway, and a bench that I want to upholster and paint, among other things. Completing something feels so good, and it also declutters our homes. Let’s do this thing!


Happy Thanksgiving!


We had a small, charming Thanksgiving this year. Just us, some favorite foods, video games, and movies. Thanksgiving carries a lot of baggage for me, but I tried to shrug it off and spent time really focusing on the people and things I’m grateful for.


Gratitude really does make everything better. I hope you have a wonderful day, and find the joy and peace you’re looking for. ❤


Pimp A Friend Friday: Yarn Baby


I went to school with an intelligent, quirky, AWESOME girl named Shannon. You definitely want her on your robot apocalypse team.

Shannon created a super cool business where she spins and dyes her own yarn. It’s amazing! I bought this bundle of yarn and it’s so soft. I’m hoping to crochet a simple shawl out of it.


Shannon is good people and I love her fiercely. She also has a beautiful, high quality product. You can check her out at Yarn Baby. It’s so cool to see people you grew up with doing the things they love. ❤



Miss Murder’s New Love


It’s the craziest thing. One day I said, “Hey, I should learn to sew!” and so I did. And then I asked, “I wonder if I would like to make blankets?”


Turns out I do. I do like to make blankets. Quite a bit.


I made this lap quilt for my husband. Orange is his favorite color.


It brings me the greatest of joy! I just wanted to share it.


Do you have any hobbies that soothe you? I’d love to hear.

Miss Murder Learns to Knit

I tried once before, in Seattle. My very dear friend Rachel took me to Third Place Books, and we browsed and shopped and then sat in comfy chairs so I could Learn To Knit.  It was a grand thing! I was going to make so many darling projects! I couldn’t wait!

Oh, how I hated it. I hated stabbing the beautiful yarn with sharp sticks and it made me angry. It gave me headaches. I tried and tried and tried, and while Rachel was a wonderful, calm, soothing teacher, I just couldn’t get it. I wrote a short story where my character kicks a knitting needle through somebody’s eye. I abandoned my needles. That was that.

It’s nearly ten years later, and my bestie here in Vegas, my Angry Ginger, made me a beautiful red scarf that I wore to my grandmother’s funeral.

red scarf

It was so lovely. So bright and cheery and feminine. She assured me the scarf was easy. I accused her of lies. There may have been some fisticuffs. A black eye or two. The Ginger bites. Just sayin’.

But she picked out some bamboo knitting needles and we chose gorgeous yarn.

Honestly? The second I sat down, the old feelings of hate and anger welled up. Some rather colorful things were said. But Angry Ginger was so patient.


You know what true friend’s do? They sit on their Angry Ginger’s feet.

It took maybe twenty minutes before I got the hang of it. After that, it really was a cinch.

The Beginning

And then two hours later, I had a scarf, modeled by my Middlest, who is five going on fifteen. What a sweet, beautiful girl.

The Scarf

I loved it! Seriously. It surprised me greatly. My Angry Ginger swooned about me being a natural, but that can’t be the case. The yarn made it really easy. I just stabbed sharp sticks through holes while watching a documentary on The Original Night Stalker. All in all, it was a fabulous time.

Yay! Scarves!