February is Women in Horror Month!

wihm9-grrrllogotall-br-mI love Women in Horror Month. Although women work in horror all year long (surprise!), I think it’s nice to take time out to specifically search out diversity in our reading and viewing.

Michael Bailey wrote a pretty comprehensive list of some fantastic female writers. There’s something here for everyone, so why don’t you swing by and pick up something new to read? He was also gracious enough to include me, and it made my heart sing. While we, of course, write for ourselves, it’s really wonderful to feel validated by our peers.

Another important, often overlooked aspect of the month is the WiHM Blood Drive. It can be a little nerve-wracking to donate blood, but it’s so very important. I’ve signed up to donate next week, if they’ll accept me. I’ll have to see if the scorpion venom and the horse antibodies/antivenin stuff roaring around in my blood makes me ineligible. We’ll see. I’ll report back.

Happy Women in Horror Month!


Hey, Get Swabbed!

To become a bone marrow donor, you guys.  I don’t know what YOU were thinking you should be swabbed for.

There are a zillion things wrong with a zillion people, and sometimes it doesn’t seem like there’s anything I can do to help.  But I have chosen to become a bone marrow donor if anybody can use me.  It was easy to register for the bone marrow donor database: go here, see if you qualify, answer the questions, and they’ll send you a little packet in the mail.  Swab your own cheeks! Pretend you’re a forensics expert chasing yourself down! And maybe save a life.

Have a good one!

Pre-Order Winter Wonders!

The wonderful thing about the blog tour is that I’m able to chat with some dear, dear friends.  Perhaps the only negative is that I feel I’m all, “Bring out yer dead! And come buy my book!” and that’s just uncomfortable. In my head, I’ve written you blog posts about my Bucket List, my son’s love for hamburger buns, and the five hour crafting day that I had with some delightful women today! I hope to share more of that soon.  But! For now!  I’m in a delightful winter anthology titled Winter Wonders.  It’s a delightful, winter-inspired anthology with some amazing and good-hearted authors.  All proceeds will be donated to Literacy Inc. 

Thank you for following along the blog tour.  I hope to see you at the next stop.