Help Me Be Literate, People

So I have goals for 2010. Many goals. Achievable goals, I think. I’ve been reading a lot of bloggers that go through 50 books in a year, and they keep a list of them.  What a fantastic idea! I can do that! Reading is, of course, fundamental to the writing process.  So why does it seems like such a luxury?  But if I have a quota to fill, well then.  I can’t let myself down, can I?

This is where you come in.  I’m looking for book suggestions.  Light, dark, classic, contemporary, poetry, anthologies.  Whatever.  Tell me the books that you love to read.  What would you suggest?

I’d suggest August Frost by Monique Roffey. It’s one of my very favorite books of all time.  There are a lot of aspects that appeal to me (seasons, a bakery, flowers) and it pains my heart in the most exquisite way.  I would love to write like that.

Okay.  Hit me. What should I add to my list?