Pimp a Friend Friday: John Boden and Mercedes M. Yardley


You know I adore John Boden. He was one of the original founders of Shock Totem, and was such a wonderful guy to work with on staff. One day he approached me and asked if I’d read this wonderful story he was working on, called “Thief.” As time went on, the title was changed to “Loving the Girl with X’s for Eyes.” He asked me if I wanted to contribute to it, and thus was born the most enjoyable collaboration I’ve ever taken part of. We worked on it every day, or we didn’t work on it for months. He’d write a line, I’d write a line, or we’d write a…well, almost a chapter, but it doesn’t have chapters. It’s gentle and jagged and full of love and horror. This was the piece I’d work on when I couldn’t even stand to look at anything else. And now it will be published later this year.

I’m delighted to announce that Omnium Gatherum picked up our story, which is now called “Detritus in Love.” It’s a dark, lovely, bizarre novelette about a boy who never should have been and things that should not be.

author2John Boden lives a stone’s throw from Three Mile Island with his wonderful wife and  sons. A baker by day, he spends his off time writing or working on Shock Totem. He likes Diet Pepsi and horseradish cheese and  sports ferocious sideburns. While his output as a writer is fairly small, it has a bit of a reputation for being unique. His work has appeared in Shock Totem, Splatterpunk, Blight Digest  and Lamplight  as well as the following anthologies Psychos: Serial Killers, Depraved Madmen and the Criminally Insane, Once Upon An Apocalypse,Robbed Of Sleep Vol 1, and Borderlands 6. His not-really-for-children children’s book, Dominoes is a pretty cool thing or so people say.  You can track him down on the Facebook.

author1Mercedes M. Yardley is a dark fantasist who wears red lipstick and poisonous flowers in her hair.  She was a contributing editor for Shock Totem Magazine and currently works with Gamut, a new neo-noir magazine. Mercedes is the author of many diverse works, including Beautiful Sorrows, Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu: A Tale of Atomic Love, Pretty Little Dead Girls, and the Bone Angel trilogy. She recently won the Bram Stoker Award® for her story Little Dead Red.  Mercedes lives and works in Las Vegas, and you can reach her atwww.mercedesyardley.com.

Little Dead Red is an Official Nominee!


There have been so many wonderful things going on lately that I haven’t been able to keep up. But I am delighted to announce that Little Dead Red made the official Bram Stokers Award final ballot in the long fiction category. It’s my first time ever being a Bram Stokers Award nominee and I’m quite excited about it. You all know that Little Dead Red is close to my heart.

The Awards ceremony will take place in (wait for it) LAS VEGAS this May. Since it’s a 15 minute drive to downtown, I’ll certainly be there for it. There will also be a live streaming of the awards for those who would like to check in from the comfort of your own homes.

This is a diverse ballot this year, notable for the number of women included, the number of first-timers on the ballot, and the inclusion of the first self-published work ever reach final ballot. I have to admit that I’m pretty thrilled.

This is only one of many things that went on last week! I’ll get to the rest soon. Have a wonderful day, my friends!



Good News for Little Dead Red!


My friends, I’m delighted to announce that Little Dead Red was recommended for the 2015 Bram Stoker Awards Preliminary Ballot. This means that some members of the Horror Writers Association liked it enough to recommend it, and it may or may not be on the final ballot, which consists of five stories.

It means that people are reading Little Dead Red, and I’m exceptionally grateful. It is very dear to me, a dark story, and kind of fell to the wayside with all of the publishing brouhaha that went on last year. Being recommended (not nominated. Nothing is considered nominated until it’s on the final ballot) means the world to me.

If you are a voting member of the HWA and would like an ecopy of Little Dead Red to read for consideration, drop me a line at mercedesyardley (at) gmail (dot) com. If you aren’t a voting member but are interested in reading LDR and want to support the author (that’s me!) you can pick it up here.

To see the complete preliminary list, hop on over to the HWA page. Thank you, and good luck to the other wonderful authors! There are a great many people I respect and enjoy on that list.