Today Is February 1st. This Means War.

Why, you ask?  Because of this.  Bwa ha!  Bwa ha ha ha!  I am about to unleash my story upon the world!

Seriously, I can’t lose this one. Not only because I don’t want to sing and perform cheesy jazz hands on the Internet, but because I have trash talked myself into a corner.  Mercedes here doesn’t like to eat crow.  So cheer me on, my friends. I read the other Horsemen’s stories and they’re pretty darn sweet.

In other news, my father is in town, so today shall be a whirlwind of excitment.  He’s cleaning our carpets.  We’re going out to eat barbeque. He’s watching the kids so my husband and I can watch Avatar.  Funny what excitement becomes when you’re older.

I have another short story deadline on Saturday, and then I can go back to my regularly scheduled programming.  Which is finishing the current novel (it’s writing itself with absolutely no input from me, thankyouverymuch. Let’s ride this train until it derails, shall we?) and querying the last novel. Oh, except that I still need to beat Matt Betts in the HWA challenge.  And there’s a new challenger named Jamey Stegmaier who I also need to school.  Oh, challenges!  Whatever would I do without thee?