Print Date for Little Dead Red!


The publisher assured me that Little Dead Red and Other Stories will be printed by June 29. That’s this week, you guys! That’s this very week! I have a very scary sedation appointment for my sweet son the day before (Williams Syndrome/autism make everything difficult) so holding this hot little number in my hands will make it all worth it. I hope you enjoy, and that it ships to you soon. If you’re interested in pre-ordering the limited edition, you can do so here.  This is a special limited edition print run, so when it’s gone, it’s gone. ❤


The Wolf is roaming the city in this Bram Stoker Award-winning Psychological Horror novella, and he must be stopped.

Grim Marie knows far too much about the wolves of the world, a world where little girls go missing.  After all, she had married one before he showed his claws, and what that wolf did to her little girl was unforgiveable. Grim Marie isn’t certain if she can ever forgive herself for putting her Little Aleta in harm’s way.

When Grandmother becomes ill, Aleta offers to take the bus through the concrete forest to Grandmother’s house to bring her some goodies. She knows the way. What could possibly go wrong?

In this modern day retelling of Little Red Riding Hood, the wolf takes to the city streets to capture his prey, but the hunter is close behind him. With Grim Marie on the prowl, the hunter becomes the hunted.

Wolves pad through the darkest kind of fairytale: one that can come true.


A Face Full of Happy

Where the heck is Macedonia? Here it is!

Are you ready to be blasted with a face full of happy? Might want to put on some shades, my friend, because the sunshine is coming.

First, I’m delighted to report that the Limited Edition hardcover of Beautiful Sorrows sold out! It’s shipping as far and wide as my parent’s house (thanks, Dad!), Ireland, and Macedonia. (Macedonia? Really? My friends live in the coolest places.)  Thank you so much, everybody, for showing such interest in a project that means the world to me. This has been an amazingly difficult and emotional year, and working on this collection brought me so much joy.  So the hardcover and pre-release copies sold out faster than I ever would have dreamed, but the regular release paperbacks and ebooks will be out very soon!

I’m also announcing my 60 day Beautiful Sorrows blog tour! Kicking off today, I’ll be invading the sites of friends and colleagues to pimp my wares and share experiences.  You’ll see everything from interviews, my stiletto collection, and perhaps even a song or two. Keep an eye here for a list of where I’ll be hanging out next!

And perhaps the thing that I’m most pleased about is that Beautiful Sorrows received her very first review! The very charming, very awesome Brett Williams reviewed my book on Goodreads. It delights me. Thank you, Brett!

This is only the beginning. The blog tour commences and I’m throwing myself into finishing up Stormlight. I’d like to get it to my agent before the holidays.  I’ll actually be implementing a new tool so we can get together and Word War on this site. Think you can out-write me? Think you’ll work harder on your project if you know that, at that very moment, I’m in the trenches with you? I write best with friends/colleagues/competition.  I hope this will help motivate you, as well! And just in time for NaNoWriMo! More on that soon.

Happy day, everyone!