The Impromptu Disney Tea Party

I closed my computer and walked away for a minute. And what did I come back to? The most delightful Lego Disney tea party ever. My girls simply went wild.

Needless to say, writing took a back seat and we played instead. Sometimes kids know when we need a break. 🙂



What does a girl have to do to get a drink around here?


“More, Elsa?” “Yes, please, Beast. Pour it right into ole Chip here.”

I Went on Vacation and All I Got Was This Lousy T-Shirt. And Freckles.

Actually, it wasn’t so much a “vacation” as it was a desperate attempt to flee for our lives.  My husband works crazy hours during the summer, and the heat triggers Tiny Daughter’s seizures.  I packed up the kidlets and went to my hometown for two weeks, which was amazing.

Know how much writing I did?  Not a word, except for Part 4 of the serial blog.  But I changed the blog up a bit, hopefully making it easier to read in the process.  I figured out a game plan for the project that I…I was going to say “stalled on”, but that isn’t the case.  I’m working on the Williams Syndrome book and I wrote an excruciatingly painful chapter.  So painful, in fact, that I actually cried during my writer’s group.  Writing something so wrenching took a lot out of me, and I gave myself a break.  Anyway, it’s time to get back on that horse, and I plan to finish the first draft by September 1.  Rock on.  I’m in the “everything is coming up roses!” section now, so it will be a joy to work on.

But I mostly spent the last two weeks playing with my kids.  We played in the pool.  We went to the desert.  We held hands and ran around outside in the grass.  I haven’t seen so much sun in a very long time.  Not only do I have real color in my face now, I even have a few freckles across my nose.