Following the Nerd


It’s true, I am a nerd, but today we’re talking about the Following the Nerd Podcast. My dear friend Jay Faulkner (who once wrote an introduction describing our bromance on my “Let It Fall” guest post on his blog for Rare Disease Day) interviewed me for his radio show in Ireland. It was so much fun! If you’d like to listen, you can hear it here, or if you’re an iTunes fan, you can listen here. Episode 88. I arrive at around the 24 minute mark, or so. We discuss being professional, putting together a short story collection like a music album, and The Stabby.

So there’s a post on coping with a disease diagnosis and a giggly interview. Light or dark, take your pick. 😛

Happy Sunday, my friends!

Live Radio Interview Tonight!


Laura J. Hickman, Mercedes M. Yardley, and Gardner Goldsmith. In Las Vegas, baby!


Do you want to join the hordes making fun of my voice, saying that I “sound like any other happy-nine-year-old girl”? Tonight is your chance. My dear friend Gardner Goldsmith invited me onto his radio show. Gard did my second interview ever, once upon a time, and he was so gracious to a nervous girl from the sticks. (Or Styx. That might be more accurate.)  He also wrote the foreword to Beautiful Sorrows. What a genuinely kind and talented guy.

Anyway! If you want to tune in, we go live at 11:00 PM Eastern Standard Time. That’s 8:00 here, so don’t be surprised if you hear bedtime noises in the background. The kids just add to the ambiance. The ambiance of CRAZINESS.

Please stop by! You can listen here. It will also be recorded as a podcast, so there are no worries if you miss it. (Okay, Mom and Dad? I love you guys!)

I hope you have a chance to drop by! Maybe we can talk about it afterwards!