The Illiterati: This Is What A Writer’s Group Does


Oh yeah. And we write, too!


Is This…Happiness?


Oh, my darlings. My dear ones.  I have been far busier than I have ever been. Last night I laid everything out for my writing group, whose eyes grew wider and wider and I continued without taking a breath.

“And I’m almost caught up on anthologies, but of course I still have the main novel and the book launch and volunteering for Killercon and I’m behind on putting my blog tour together but I have some signings scheduled and then there’s school and Niko’s bus takes him to THE WRONG SCHOOL and tomorrow are cardiologyappointmentsandthenwehaveimmunizations…”

Do you know what my group said?

“They shouted, ‘Mercedes, you’re nuts!'” you shriek with glee. And you would be right, if they were ordinary people.  But, ah, they are quite extraordinary.

They offered to watch my kidlets.  They offered to fill out paperwork if necessary.  They are wonderful, and if it weren’t for Mason, Ryan, and billie, I would be curled up in  little ball about now.  Thank you, my dear, dear friends!

So for a quick update:

Niko’s bus will finally start taking him to the correct school next week.  It’s been crazy trying to drop two children off at separate ends of the city when their schools start 10 minutes apart, but soon it will be manageable!  The cardiology appointment, which I was dreading, was a four hour ordeal, but both Niko and Lilia have good, stable hearts.  What a relief!

The book launch for Beautiful Sorrows will be a wonderful, low-key event  at Killercon.  Not only will I be doing a reading, but I’ll be meeting several friends (and the Shock Totem staff!) face-to-face for the first time. I’m delighted!

I hope you can come.  I also invite you, if you so desire, to help me spread the word about Beautiful Sorrows.  I can’t express how excited I am!  I love the cover.  I love the illustrations.  I love the stories, and the preface made me swoon.  Shock Totem Publications put such care into this book, and it shows.  If you can tell your friends, or surprise them with copies for Christmas, or possibly share pictures of the cover (below), or put the banner above as your Facebook cover (just click on them to bring them to full size)  I would be so pleased! So many trials and tears to get to this point, and now I look around and think, “I think that I am very, very happy.”




How To Make Peppermint Sparkle

Need a little sparkle in your life?  Something toasty and snuggly?  Fear not, my friend. In just a few minutes, you’ll have Peppermint Sparkle.

Step 1) We all have candy canes somewhere.  If not, zip down to the store and scoop them up from the clearance aisle.  Grind them up in your blender, and don’t forget to avoid breathing in delicious candy cane dust.  It’s like black lung, only more festive!

Step 2) Stir your peppermint dust into some delicious whipped cream.  Real cream that you whip yourself is absolutely divine.  However, I’m a realist. Look! Cheap whipped cream!  Generic and soulless!  But throw in some candy cane and then it becomes a dream.  Freeze it for a few minutes until it’s solid enough to hold its shape but not so frozen that you have to chip it out with a screwdriver.  Because screwdrivers in your food are just eeeeeeeewwwww.

Step 3) Fill your mug with hot chocolate and then add a generous dollop of Peppermint Sparkle. Your world is instantly better.  You are important! You are loved!

Step 4) Add a friend or three.  My fabulous writing group The Illiterati (Aka the Interdimensional Wombats) came over to write and drink Peppermint Sparkle.  Unfortunately, I only have one mug and it’s embarrassingly gigantic.  Unless we all wanted to get cozy and drink out of it with four glass straws (oh, how charming are we!) then they had to provide their own mugs.  There is nothing more Oliver Twist than somebody arriving at your front door holding a sheaf of papers and an empty mug.  It’s impossible not to look forlorn.

There you go! The super easy, super delicious recipe for Peppermint Sparkle. I hope that you enjoy it! If you try it, drop a line and let me know. 🙂