A Final Fantasy VII Remake?!


My heart sputters to a full stop. This, my friends, is what makes life grand. I can’t wait!

I can’t wait to see Cloud Strife seducing the Don in a tiara. In HD.

On the other hand, does this mean that the FF franchise has basically given up? “Yeah, nothing will ever top this. Let’s redo it.”  Thoughts? Opinions? What’s your favorite FF game?

Honest Scrap

I have just received the Honest Scrap award from JanyeceNatalie,  CateAlanHeidi , J. Koyanagi, and Regan.  This is not because I’m wildly popular (although I often let myself dream that these fine writers and I mingle at upscale parties, and man, is my repartee sparkling!) but because I was hecka slow at posting the Honest Scrap.  So with no further ado, here are ten honest things about myself.

1. I keep a wooden crocodile under my bed.  It is beside my husband’s wooden stingray.

2. I was traumatized as a child when I went into the woodsy part of town and found a decapitated male peacock.

3. I named my daughter Nina after a Tekken character.  I used to beat both my father and my brother at Tekken every day after school.

4. My son is named Nikolai after the main character in what was going to be my first novel.  It is a very dark, post apocalyptic thing, but I haven’t written it yet.  This character has shown up in two short stories and one of them took first place in a small writing contest.

5. Speaking of names, my mother wanted to name me Montessa. It was my father (whose name is Harley, no joke) who chose Mercedes.

6. I have never made a pot of coffee in my life.  I quite simply don’t know how.

7. I’ve had every haircut and color that you have ever seen.  Yes, a boy’s caesar cut.  Yes, anime spikes. Yes, blue.

8. You guys heard my song for KM Walton?  I sound like an eight year old, right?  I’m an alto in real life.  I was in a chamber choir for a couple of years.  My “real” singing voice has a very full, dark sound, and you would do a double take if you heard me singing something from John Rutter’s Requiem, for example.  Tough to believe, I know.  But it’s true.

9. I used to hate high heels because I was taller than everybody. I always wore flats.

10. I’m still friends with all of my old boyfriends.  This surprises some people.

Okay!  Ten things about me.  Now let’s hear ten things about you!  I tag YOU!  Post the Honest Scrap picture on your blog and dish your dirt. Be sure to drop a comment so that I know you’re doing it.  I’d love to come and see what you have to say. 🙂