Cute, Or Stalky? You Decide!

Random acts of kindness are some of the coolest things on earth. I so dig, believe me. But while I was looking through some ideas online, I came across one that made me double-take. It suggested that you pick up some inexpensive vases and flowers, pick a few names at random in the phonebook, and drop the flowers off early in the morning before the world awakes.

While flowers make the world go ’round, I couldn’t help but think that tracking down strangers at their homes is, well, a little creepy. Hiding in the bushes to watch them receive their surprise gifts is the natural next step, methinks. And that’s definitely creepy.

So is this a sweet idea, or is it stalky? I’m thinking it might be sweetly stalky, if such a thing exists. Then again, I live in Vegas, where sneaking onto somebody’s porch in the early morning hours is a good way to get yourself shot.