WIP Wednesday: I Kick Fear In The Face

I started a new novel yesterday. I was going to save it for NaNoWriMo, but my writer’s group cuffed me across the shoulders and told me to drop that nonsense. They are firmly of the mind that waiting two months would let the creative spark die, and they’re right. They’re wise guys…er, smart people. It’s actually the novel that I wrote this post about.  I’m wrapping up my Williams Syndrome book while starting this one, and I like that the two different projects pass like ships in the night.

It’s funny; I was so excited to start The New Project, but when I actually sat down to do so, I was overwhelmed with stark terror.  This novel is a departure for me in so many ways! It’s different subject matter.  A different tone. I actually plotted it out and I’ve never done that before.  I barely started this thing and it’s already twisted me inside out!  I was overwhelmed. I literally froze with my hands on the keyboard. Can I do this?  Do I have the time?  Do I have the chops?

Then I remembered: Do Things That Scare Me.  Embrace opportunities.  Kick that negative self talk in the face.  In the face.

I wrote that all important first chapter, saved, and slammed my laptop down. 

It’s showtime.

Do you have a project that makes you afraid?  How do you counteract that fear?