Todd Keisling’s ULT Release Party Tonight! Win Stuff!

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I love Todd’s UGLY LITTLE THINGS collection. In fact, I love it so much that I wrote the foreword. It’s a sad, intelligent, thoughtful collection with nuanced emotion, and it releases today. Come join the Facebook Release Party at 8 pm Eastern for a reading, interaction, and prizes! You can win a few of my books, as well. Hope to see you there!


Awkward Conversations with Geeky Writers TONIGHT!


Sorry I’ve been so MIA on this blog lately. Between a tornado that totaled my in-law’s business, nearly slicing my fingertip off with a rotary cutter, and other little things that make up life, I haven’t been online very much.

Thanks to all who have been emailing, texting, calling, private messaging, and asking through the grapevine if I’m okay. I’m okay. That’s why I’m calling tonight’s Awkward Conversations with Geeky Writers the “Proof of Life Edition.” Ask questions and we’ll answer them! We’ll chat about Halloween and new books and POLITICS. Okay, so maybe not politics. OR WILL WE? (Probably not.)

Either way, come hang out and have fun with us! If you miss the live show, you can always watch it later on Youtube. We’ll have a great time. We always do. The main page for the show is HERE, and later we’ll give a live link. Hope to hear from you!


Greetings From Moon Hill!


Tony Rapino and I have teased you relentlessly over the last several weeks, and now we’re finally pulling back the curtain on a project that’s been nearly two years in the making.The project is this: A limited hardcover run of a new collection by Anthony J. Rapino, titled GREETINGS FROM MOON HILL. This will be the first title published by Precipice Books that isn’t by me. As you can imagine, it’s a huge step for me and for Precipice, and if successful, it will lead to subsequent titles by other authors. This Kickstarter campaign will combine Tony’s fiction with his sculptures, allowing the reader to hold a piece of Moon Hill in their hands.

Our goal is $6,800 in 30 days, but we have a lot of really cool stretch goals planned should we exceed that amount. Things like glow-in-the-dark variants of the sculptures, a video documenting Tony’s sculpting process, illustrations for the collection, T-shirts, and possibly even a story collaboration between Tony and me.

You can get the full details on the project here. This probably goes without saying, but supporting this projectmeans supporting Precipice and its future. Any and all support is greatly appreciated.

So there you have it, folks. That’s the big secret. We have 30 days to raise nearly $7k. Please help us get there.


Geeky Writers: Gamut Edition LIVE tonight!


You guys. You guys! I have so very much to tell you, and I’m excited and all atwitter! But unfortunately now isn’t the time for that. So we’ll talk about it later, and we’ll most likely talk about it tonight on our Awkward Conversations with Geeky Writers broadcast.


Tonight’s special guest will be Richard Thomas, who rocks in every way possible. Eryk is in the middle of a tornado, so he may or may not be a no-show. I’d tune in just to find out if he winds up in Oz or not.

As always, it’s an interactive thing, which makes it so much fun! You can ask us questions on the Facebook page and we’ll answer live. There will be giveaways, and Tony has something extra special up for grabs.

Please join us tonight! The link will be on the Facebook page when we go live, which will be at 5:00 pm Pacific time. Hope to see you there!


Here is the link to watch the broadcast. I hope you enjoy!


Awkward Conversation with Geeky Writers Holiday Edition! Tonight!


It’s beginning to look a lot like Christmas, and to celebrate the Geeky Writers Crew is having the Holiday Party 2.0! I want to say that last year’s party is the episode where Eryk fell off his chair, but I can’t be sure. But one thing I’m sure of is that we want you to join us! Laugh at our sweaters, ask questions, and spend the evening chatting with authors who want to chat with you. We love you guys. ❤


As always, the party takes place via Facebook and Youtube. Ask your questions here and we’ll answer back live via Youtube.

Happy Holidays, my friends! I hope to see you there.