WIP Wednesday

wipIt has been forever since I’ve done one of these! But not only is Work in Progress Wednesday useful to let you guys know what I’m up to, but it also reminds me. My head is like a huge tornado with things flying around it all of the time, like flowers, bits of houses, and happy cows. Sometimes I need to write it all out so I can concentrate. 🙂

I just: signed a couple of contracts. One for a podcast, a breast cancer charity anthology, a dark fiction anthology, a re-release (but with a new story from me), and another re-release. So that’s three reprints and two new stories. I’ll share as soon as everything is announced. 🙂

I was a guest judge for a short story contest and a poetry contest. I also submitted two new stories to super cool venues.

I am actively working on: a short story/novelette called “Last One Awake” that I started a few years ago. It gnaws at me. I’m also writing three short stories for three anthology invitations, and working on a Super Sekrit and AWESOME project that’s out of my normal wheelhouse. I am so excited and nervous and sure I’m doing everything wrong! But I want to do everything. I want to learn how to do it all. Baby steps, yeah?

What are you working on? I’d love to hear about your WIP!


WIP Wednesday


It’s been a while since I did a Work in Progress Wednesday. I always loved to see what everyone was working on. Quite frankly, I still do, which is exhibited by the fact that I regularly hit up my writer friends with the old “Whatcha dooooooin’?” They’re always busy, which is awesome.

I sold a short story called “Ivan and the Hurting Doll” to the Heroes of Red Hook anthology, which is put out by Golden Goblin Press. My story was written specifically for the antho and I’m glad they decided it’s a good fit. It’s a traditional Russian fairytale that takes place in the boroughs of New York, and I dearly love my sweet, stalwart Ivan.

My main focus right now is on The Demon Prince, the second book in the Bone Angel Trilogy. The first third is written and polished, which is strange because that isn’t how I work. I write the whole thing before going back to edit, but the first section has already been to the editor. This whole experience has been atypical for me. Not only writing a series, but the way I’m going about it, etc. I suppose it only goes to prove that each book is its own beast and we cannot expect to tame them all equally.

I’m on tap to provide six short stories to different anthologies. Right now they’re all diaphanous ideas, but they’re constantly in the back of my mind.


Meanwhile, the kiddos are out of school and it’s 111 degrees here at home. We fought the heat in order to bake our very first rhubarb pie yesterday, which somehow turned into a voodoo rhubarb pie. It turned our home into an inferno, but it was so worth it.


So I want to know. Whatcha doooooin’?

WIP Wednesday


Working hard! This week I turned in two short stories. They both need polished, but we’ll see what the respective editors have to say. It was good to see forward movement on them.

My focus this week is staring down the very Mouth of Hell in one novella, with a poor sweet boy that keeps getting more and more thrown at him. It sucks to be born nearly divine.

I’m waiting to hear on the status of one story, which may or may not fit the editor’s bill. It’s a beautiful, sad thing, and I’m quite proud of it.

Also, Crystal Lake and I have set a tentative time to publish the sequel to Nameless next year. I’m very excited to do so! More on that as it’s confirmed.

Meanwhile, I was talking to an old friend about my very first novel that I ever wrote. I also wrote a sequel to it, both which have never seen the light of day. I’m thinking of revising them, especially because they feature my favorite character ever, Ray the Vampire. He has his own short story, here. That story was one of my very first sales! ❤

That’s what I’m up to! What are you working on?

WIP Wednesday: Long Overdue

WIP_WednesdayI haven’t done a WIP Wednesday for a while! It’s about time. I love hearing about other creatives and the projects they’re working on. I’ll share mine, and then will you share whatever art/music/writing/creative project you’re in the midst of?

Right now I’m in the midst of a short story titled “Ravenous Stars, Carnivorous Moon.” It’s a haunting thing about a woman who tries to feed herself to the stars. I’ve been going through a tough literary patch lately, actually having panic attacks when I open documents to write, but this one has been nothing but joy. It’s cut from starlight.

I’m also in the midst of a novella that’s a companion for a table top gaming series. And another novella that’s part of a very intriguing world. I’m not sure that I can announce that I’m attached to the project yet, but I can’t wait until I can! It’s a dark and magical thing, and I’m excited for it.

I had planned to have the second book of THE BONE ANGEL trilogy out by now, but I realized that Apocalyptic Montessa, Nameless, and Pretty Little Dead Girls all came out within a year, and I was exhausted. I took a little time off from the series, but I’m thinking the sequel will be out later this year. It’s titled Heartless: Carnival of Isolation, and my intention is to break Luna in this book. Do you think I can? We’ll see.

That’s what I’ve been up to. Will you share with me what you’ve been working on? I’d love to hear. 🙂

WIP Wednesday: Shattered Worlds


Ah, WIP Wednesdays! How I have missed you! It’s been a while.

I have a zillion projects down the pipe, but today I’m focusing exclusively on the Shattered Worlds project, which I announced HERE.

The kiddos were out of school last week for Spring Break, and I’ve also had a headache for six days now, so I didn’t get off to the glorious start that I was hoping to. My origins story is due tonight at midnight, so I’m hitting it as hard as I can to make deadline. I don’t want to slow everybody else down! This project is wild, exciting, and completely mental. It’s a lot of stress and a lot of fun. Sort of a trial by fire, and I dig that. Writing with wild abandon is my thing.

That’s what I’m doing today! I’m writing for 20 minutes, then alternating with laundry, kiddie snuggles, dishes, etc. You’re all willing to join me on my Facebook page! It doesn’t have to be writing. Work for 20 minutes on any project that you have, and then come up for air. It’s just so motivating to work in a group.

What are you working on right now? A story? A crocheting project? I’d love to hear!

WIP Wednesday: Apocalyptic Montessa


I promised myself that I wouldn’t take on more projects than I could handle. I’d just tackle one at a time, nice and slow.

AHAHAHAHAHAHA! That didn’t last long.

I just finished a magical realism short story about butterflies and soul mates turned sour. I’m currently subbing it out. I’m also working on my novella Apocalyptic Montessa and Nuclear Lulu: A Tale of Atomic Love. It’s turning a little darker and less fanciful than I originally thought. I’m looking up semi trucks and head wounds for it. I’m also working on a collab with a friend that’s sweet and sad and very, very bizarre. This collaboration is like a slow river. No stress, no deadlines. Just a couple hundred words here and there,  sending it back and forth in eddies. It’s relaxing and gives me true joy.

I’m also putting together notes for my next novel, which came out of nowhere. It has to do with the language of flowers, a kitchen witch, personal loss, and searing emotional pain. I’ve been researching new ways to outline (I usually don’t outline at all) so this will be a different and exciting experience. I can’t wait to start writing it.

Summer has thrown a wrench in my productivity, of course. Oldest, Middlest, and Littlest take almost all of my time. But we’ve been playing with our new Russian Dwarf hamsters (we bought them right after our rabbit was taken from us. It helped dry the tears) and swimming in a tiny inflatable pool. I’ve colored pictures with my girls, and held my son on my lap. It’s been busy but beautiful.


WIP Wednesday

Hey, it’s been forever since I did one of these! Here goes!

My novel WIP is at 18,000 words. My goal is to have it at about 80k and submitted to my agent by November. That’s a lot of writing.

My current novella WIP is done except for a few scenes that need to be inserted, and some editing.  There is a home in mind for this one, and it’ll be awesome to submit it.

I also have pieces in the works for a few anthologies.

Antho #1: I’m writing a piece for a shared world antho, and I’m maybe halfway done. This piece twines with a story that a fellow horror writer is penning.

Antho #2: The theme is “madness”. It’ll be pretty cool.

Antho #3: This is a tie-in piece for a previous novel. I’m not sure what characters to use yet. Maybe Ray the Vampire? I miss him.

Antho #4: This will be an ephemeral story. I can’t wait to write in that voice again.

Book of Poetry: I have the poems ready but just need to sit down and submit them. I hope they’re accepted! This guy has GREAT cover art.

Shock Totem Issue #5 will be dropping soon.  The cover art is gorgeous and the stories are stellar. I can’t wait for you to read it!

And I’m very, very close to announcing something super special.  In fact, the other day I sat down and became misty-eyed because this means so much to me.  Hooray!


This is what I’m working on. It’s a bit schizophrenic and busy, but it makes me happy.  I had to say no to two more anthology invites, which hurt my soul, but I didn’t see how I could fit anything else in at the moment.

So tell me about you? What do you have in the works?


WIP(s) Wednesday


I haven’t done a WIP Wednesday in quite a while.  Why is that, I wonder?  Oh yeah, because I look at my WIP folder and my eyes bug out of my head.  Like this.

First thing, I’m trying with the utmost valor to finish my demon novel ASAP so that my writer’s group can comb through it one more time with a fine-toothed comb.  I’m turning it into my agent on Monday, September 5th and then we’re throwing a party! Until he requests more edits! And then the fun begins with a new intensity.  I am also currently working on:

◊ an essay about baby weight/self for an anthology put out by an awesome woman and dear friend (due ASAP)

◊ a short story titled Tattoo Your Loneliness on My Skin (due next month)

◊ an “I’m going crazy!” piece for a third anthology (due…next month? Are we still in freakin’ August?)

◊ the opening chapters of my next novel, titled Stormlight

You think I’d be all efficient and organized, knocking these out 1-2-3.  And maybe I would, but I’m rocking my sweet Cyborg Ninja child with my foot while I type.  Time (and sleep!  Blessed, blessed SLEEP!) is precious, and I’m finding that I’m having a lot more trouble concentrating than usu–SQUIRREL.

What are you working on, my dear friends? I miss you!  Keep me in the loop. 🙂



WIP Wednesday: A Story Based On A Story Based On A Story

Woo, Wednesday! Time for America’s Next Top Model, homemade pizza, and WIP Wednesday.  I haven’t done a WIP Wednesday in quite some time.   Let’s check in, shall we?

First off, I’m rounding the corner to Home on my current novel.  Do I know how it ends?  Of course not.  I never plan my work that far in advance.  I continue to be surprised until the very last page.  EXCEPT for my one exception, STORMLIGHT, which is my next full-length WIP.  I have that thing outlined from start to finish, and I’m fairly baffled at my own behavior, I must say.  But that’s leaping ahead!  The current WIP is coming along nicely. I plan to fast-track it for the next two weeks, and it is a lovely, lovely feeling.  I also have a dear friend clamoring for a chapter a night. I shan’t disappoint.  This is because I love her.  This is also because we were children together and she can blackmail me until the day I die.

I’m also working on a short story for a rather intriguing anthology.  My story features a character named Oliver who was actually created by a member of my writer’s group.  He found the inspiration for Oliver in one of my other works.  So my story is based on a story based on a story.  I love the complex layers of this.  It adds an extra level of fun.

Also, I was in a bet with Battle Bunny to write 40,000 words by March 25.  The loser had to buy the winner Heavy Rain for the PS3.  Two wonderful things happened: Heavy Rain dropped in price (YAY!) and Battle Bunny told me last night that he already bought me my copy.  He still has a bit over a week to reach his goal, but he says isn’t going to happen.  Before I prance around and declare myself the winner (I won I won I won!) I need to reach my own 40,000 words first.  Can I do it?  Definitely.  I thrive on the challenge.

How is your current WIP going?  What helps keep your momentum?

WIP Wednesday: Writing (and migraine) Updates!

It’s been a while since I could look at WIP Wednesday without guilt.  Usually I’m thinking, “Man, I’m so behind! I didn’t achieve anything,” blah blah blah.  But today I’m completely satisfied.

My goal is to have the Williams Syndrome project in the hands of my agent by Halloween.  This gives me incentive to push and finish it, and it also gets it off my plate so that I can focus on NaNoWriMo.  Yes, I know…last year I thought I was finished with NaNo, but darn it, NaNoWriMo, I can’t quit you! 

I also wrote two chapters and made some executive decisions regarding The Bright, Shiny New Novel which is tentatively titled “Stormlight”.  It’s the first thing that I’ve ever sat down and plotted out before.  I’m definitely not an outliner, but I wanted to try something new.  Anyway, I was doubting my sanity about this one.  The story wants to veer away from its intended course and add all kinds of weirdness to it!  Suddenly it became spec fic, and I was trying to purposely steer away from that.  I was ready to throw in the towel when my writer’s group came to my rescue.  They liked the story, they liked the ideas that I wanted to play with, and they advised that I rein it in and see what I could do.  I wrote a pivotal scene in my head on the way home from the group, and that rocks!

Migraine wise, I’ve been eating clean for a week now.  (I blogged about that last week.)  I did really well, although not perfect.  For one thing, I realize that I munch on whatever I’m feeding the kidlets without even realizing it.  And I didn’t account for days when I’d be doing hours and hours worth of errands!  But I’d say that I stuck to it 90% of the time, and for those of you who aren’t familiar with my sweet tooth, that is an amazing feat indeed.  Migraine-wise?  I haven’t had one for the last two days.  Whether it’s diet related or because I tackled my overwhelming To-Do list with a fury known only in legend, I don’t know.  I’m working on managing my out-of-control stress and removing possible food triggers, so we’ll see where this leads.  Huzzah!

How is your progress?  What are you working on?