Storymakers 2018!


It was a fantastic conference. It’s one of my favorites. Storymakers  is a writing conference for LDS authors (although you certainly don’t need to be LDS to attend) to help us elevate our literary work. The classes are phenomenal. If you have the opportunity to go, you should definitely try it. Hold on to your hats, because it is intense.


I was honored to not only teach a class, but be a workshop mentor on Thursday. We had six hours of intensive discussion about my eight attendees’ pieces, which we had read previously.  IT WAS AWESOME!

I taught my “Creating Sympathetic Villains Your Readers Can Root For” class, which was just super cool. This was my first PowerPoint presentation ever, which means that I’m now an adult! Even though I used THIS DEVIL SLIDE. Or maybe especially because I used this slide. We also had an incredible mass signing.


A highlight for me was meeting Dan Wells in person, who is just everything I had hoped he would be. Dan was kind enough to write the foreword for Little Dead Red and Other Stories. He thinks he looks like a cardboard cutout in this picture. Perhaps I didn’t really meet him at all, but after this shot, tucked him under my arm and ran for the hills.31949444_10155567892976446_4580670255696707584_n

I left inspired and exhausted, which is a good way to do things. Here’s to aspiring higher! ❤


Meet with Me on Thursday! We’ll Talk Queries.


One of the most daunting parts of writing is actually querying and submitting your stories. It’s a bit frightening to look up strangers and ask them if they’d like to read your work, but it’s an integral part to the process that simply can’t be skipped. You can’t be published if you don’t submit, yes? And you can’t submit if you don’t query. So I’m here to talk about it in a friendly, straight-forward manner and hopefully take the fear out of the process. We can do this, guys. What’s even more important? We will do this.


Come to the Tap House and attend the Las Vegas Writer’s Group meeting this Thursday. The food is great, it’s a casual, friendly atmosphere, and I’ll be speaking on querying and submissions. New writers are absolutely welcome, and it’s always great for veteran writers to brush up on their skills. Doors open at six for dinner and networking, and I start speaking at seven. I’ll be signing books after, if you’d like to stick around. There will be a five dollar entrance fee at the door.

The Tap House

5589 W Charleston Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89146 at 7:00.

My goal is to have you feel confident in querying. Please bring any questions you have and I’ll make sure to answer them. You can learn more by following this link. Hope to see you on Thursday!


I’m Off To Con Those Killers

Welcome to Vegas!

Today is the beginning of KillerCon.  I’m pretty excited.  I’m also lucky because I don’t have to worry about the logistics of flying, booking a room, etc because baby?  I’m already here!

The downside of living in Vegas is that everybody else will be starry eyed and foaming at the mouth, and I have to remain realistic.  While they tour the sights/get drunk/visit strip clubs/hope that what happens in Vegas really stays in Vegas, I’ll be picking up the dry cleaning and tucking my children into bed.  But at least I can eat a home cooked meal while they live on swizzle sticks and breath mints.  Rock on!  🙂

Am I excited?  I’m excited.  Really, really excited.

It occurred to me that I am enjoying this entire process.  Love the writing.  Learning to tolerate the editing.  Queries and synopsises were hard for me to wrap my head around, but I’m getting better at them.  I like hearing back from agents.  I don’t even mind very much when they reject me.  I like it quite a bit when they have something nice to say.

Writing has never been about being “The Next Big Thing!!” for me.  It’s about creating worlds and characters.  I love it when somebody says that they identify or like something that I wrote.  I even like it when somebody passionately hates it, and proceeds to tell me why.  Stirring up emotion with nothing other than printed words?  Is just awesome.

When KillerCon ends and the world slows down, I have an official call that I’d like to make.  It has to do with authors (that would be you), public perceptions, and mystery.  I must admit there might be a little ANTM thrown in there as well, but hopefully I can be forgiven for that.  So put your artistic feather boas on, my fellow writers, because I’d like to ask for your participation when I return.  I hope it’ll be fun for you.