8 thoughts on “3rd Day of my 30 Days Without Caffeine

  1. I did it a few weeks ago for three weeks, fell off the wagon and I am going to give it another run tomorrow. I just love coffee and my morning caffeine fix, so I right there with you! Love the post and the pic! Cinderella

  2. Good luck Mercedes. It takes a lot of dedication to stop using caffeine. I did so at one point but after my heart settled down I am back on the drug. I love my iced tea and the occasional coffee. I don’t think I could give them up for good. I wish you well though. You are a strong woman.



  3. ^_^ So glad to see you consistently making hard goals and working toward them. my nurse said the first 3 days is the hardest. I’ll let you tell me if that’s true or not.
    Love ya

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