The Quiet Places Where Your Body Grows

I wrote a short story and a stranger emailed me to say it made her cry.  I can think of few things better.  Would you like to read it?  It’s part of the Fraternity of Flash series at Misty Dahl’s site.  Stop by to read “The Quiet Places Where Your Body Grows”,  and then hug your children a little tighter.

6 thoughts on “The Quiet Places Where Your Body Grows

  1. After reading this gem of a story, I found myself going back to ‘Voracious Black,’ the irony of course being that the essay draws us into a literal (and metaphoric) of darkness via a child’s fear of it and the short story renders with such a poignancy a parent’s worst nightmare. The title you give to this story is poetically perfect; and how can I help but love the innocence of a child in a coal-mining town who believes that ‘homemade bread from a neighbor must be able to heal any wound’?

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